Sunday, October 14, 2012

King's Crown and the Clovis Wrap-Up

 Submitted by Linda
 On our way to Clovis, we always stop in Bakersfield to see Strawberry Patches, and also to visit a few antique malls in town. It makes for a good mid-way break. There I saw this old, old sampler and I love the message, and I hope my loved ones and FRFs know that they can 'come without warning'!
 Last May, I had the pleasure of sitting at Liz's gorgeous tea table at a Ladies' Tea hosted by my church. Isn't her table stunning?
Her Royal Albert "Blossom Time" china is about the same vintage as my Royal Albert "Petit Point", and I just love the way her King's Crown glassware lights up her table. I noticed that it goes so nicely with my china, so I became a copycat (with her permission) and purchased the goblets in the San Diego area.
 One can find all sorts of dishes and glassware in this pattern, but I vowed not to buy too much more. I did end up finding this small compote, a bargain at $8.00. And notice how pretty it looks by my china!

 Here it is shown with a little vase that I found, along with some embroidered linens that will also blend well with the china and glassware.
 Throughout the weekend, we kept seeing this Hall Autumn Leaf Pattern. I actually have a set of 3 mixing bowls from my Grandma Klippenstein that I love to use, but in all honesty, I don't love the pattern. I actually wish that I did, because this stuff is so readily available. I've heard that the "Jewel T" salesman sold these from his truck as he traveled from town to town. They must have been affordable and popular at the time.
 Now that I've become an embroiderer, I'm trying not to buy things that I could make. I think I could have embroidered this foxglove dresser scarf, but the cutwork would be out of my range of ability. Plus it was in pristine condition!
This next piece was not in pristine condition, but it was a 'must have' anyway. Just look at these crocheted strawberries!!!! It is a bit worn, with some faint stains, but I just adore those big strawberries.
I plunked my strawberry basket on it just to see how cute they would look together.
Remember my fairy garden? I was wishing for some 'wildlife' in my garden, so I picked up this frog and turtle. The penny shows how teeny tiny they are.
This shot is for Nick. He's always searching thrift stores for crazy clothes and 'legit' Hawaiian shirts. I think these were out of his price range.
Love this old stove. Doesn't Susan Branch have one of these in her kitchen?
I'm closing with one of my other finds. I have been wishing for a cookie cutter of a gingerbread man on the run. I've seen them online, big, brass and expensive (more like a 'looking' cookie cutter rather than a 'using' one). When I'm antiquing, I can't stop myself from digging through every box or basket of old cookie cutters. Lo and behold, it was Liz who found this one. We got so excited that the vendor took the opportunity to charge me $3.00 for it! Well, I was happy to pay it and finally have one.


kate wallace said...

The pink really brightens up the table!

Katie said...

My mom had a teeny frog exactly like that one. Not sure how the tradition started, but she used to hide it for it to be found during family holiday meals :/