Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hellooooo out there!

Submitted by Linda
In case you were wondering if we fell off the face of the earth.....Helloooooo out there in the blogosphere! Michelle and I were both in the 'all-consuming beginning of the school year', when to Michelle's surprise, she ended up having an appendectomy and spending time recovering both in the hospital and at home.  As for me, I have no excuses for not posting since September 3rd (!!), except so say that it's always a big job training the kindergartners, as well as 'getting ahead of the train' in terms of Back to School Night Presentations, Parent Conferences, Parents Work-nights, and so on. All that to say, October has come, and I'm back to having some balance in my life.

Ever since I was young, my mom always served "Christmas Salad" (aka red jello with a layer of cream cheesy goodness) in a large glass apple bowl. When I grew up and started hitting flea markets and antique stores, I found one for me:
Throughout the years, I added some 'fruit nappies' (little sauce-dishes), and some luncheon plates to my collection. However, this last summer when I was doing my annual purging of cabinets, I decided to 'adios' the plates, since I never used them. They were in my Goodwill pile, when I had a revelation!! I decided to use them for my 'back to school treats' that I made for my K teammates and important folks (like the principal and secretaries. A happy secretary is a helpful secretary, right???)

 The first step was to make a cute tag. I used my new 'school lines" stamp, and quite a few punches: 1/2" circle, binder punch, and scallop trim border. The cute felt imbellishments are "puffies", which I found on clearance at Tuesday Morning. Look closely, and you'll see the teeny tiny staples on the left side of the ribbon. I just love using that tiny stapler!

Next, I set the plate (with a paper doily, of course), on the cellophane.
I added cookies, tied it all up, and Voila!
The cookies are long gone, but hopefully the recipients are enjoying having their own apple plate. Now it's time to think of fall goodies!

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