Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grandma's Noritake China

 Submitted by Linda
 For those who have followed us from the beginning, you may remember that our very first post on Front Row Friends was a tea party, where I used my Grandma's Noritake china, back from her early days of marriage in the 1920s. To read about the origin of the FRF blog, click HERE.

As for the china, I was lucky enough to be her only granddaughter, so I can now set a table for 12 with this lovely stuff, complete with gravy boat and serving pieces. If only she had gotten the teapot.

It is beautiful, and in great condition. It's always a pleasure to pull it out for a special holiday or event. This last Wednesday, I was watching students on the kindergarten playground, when Craig texted me and asked me to call him. It turns out, he needed me to host a table at the "Mother-Daughter-Friends" tea at APU as part of their homecoming/parents weekend. Apparently, they kept getting signups, and needed another table set for eight.

Normally, I like to plan for these types of things way ahead, but when push comes to shove, I can make things happen in a hurry. I immediately pulled out a plate, and set out to create a quick favor. For what is a tea party without a favor (which should include chocolate)?
 Again, I pulled out my Tea Shoppe set and made a cute "tea for two" front for the Fancy Favor treat bag. The die for the treat bag requires 12 x 12 card stock, and I had exactly enough in the yellow and the kraft to create eight bags. (Better put 12 x 12 card stock on the shopping list- you never know when you may need to create treat bags in a hurry!) Here they are, with Victoria lace and Crumb Cake tulle tying them shut.
Usually I use this gold tablecloth, which is a rectangle, or I've borrowed navy linens. Since the china is cream, decided to get a round table cloth in cream and use the gold tablecloth as a runner. (If anyone ever needs to borrow a 90" round cream tablecloth, I'm your girl!)

I picked up some roses from Vons, and some navy satin ribbon to tie the napkins, and we've got us a tea party! A friend loaned me a Leedsware-type teapot, along with a sugar and creamer to round out my table.

Lots of ladies commented on how pretty it was, and several knew that it was old. When I told them it was my grandma's, they said I was brave to bring it. I think she'd be happy knowing that I'm using it and enjoying it.  I sat with some lovely ladies, including a daughter (APU freshman), her mother and grandmother.

Now the linens are washed and ready for the next time, and the china is all packed up, for now.  But I'm already looking forward to pulling it out again.


Liz said...

The table looks beautiful - to go with the beautiful hostess!

kate wallace said...
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kate wallace said...

I love that china collection! It is so beautiful with the blue trim! I love it!