Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Front Door Refresh

 Submitted by Linda
Ever since Matt and Kyan's cowboy/burlap wedding last November, I've been seeing burlap everywhere. Remember this banner from their reception? Now Kyan is selling all kinds of burlappy things on her own Etsy store.
 Throughout the year, I have this grapevine with twinkle lights around my door. It's on a timer, so they turn on every night of the year, saying "Welcome!" This grapevine looks kind of tatty, so after I take down my Christmas greenery, I'm going to have to upgrade.
 Nevertheless, I found a 6 inch roll of burlap and decided to wind it around the door.
 I added my usual fall garland.....
 ...and my pumpkin lights! I'm a bigger fan of "harvest" than I am of "Halloween" so I turn the little jack-o-lanterns on the pumpkin lights around so they just look like pumpkins! That way I can leave it all up through Thanksgiving. I love the addition of the burlap!

Here it is at nighttime! Happy!

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kate wallace said...

Oh my goodness that is SO cute! Your door is so festive!