Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crystal Light Mummy

Submitted by Linda
Throughout our years on Front Row Friends, you've heard me blather on and on about getting rid of clutter, living the calm and clutter-free life, and so on. I've got things pretty much under control at home (and let me point out that it helps a lot when the big boys move out and take most of their stuff with them)!

At school, I would also say I'm about 95% organized, yet I have a confession to make. I have a "teacher collection", as all good teachers do. You know what I'm talking about: green strawberry baskets, yarn, pom poms, popsicle sticks, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, googly eyes, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, and glitter in every color. And.....some Crystal Light containers.
I've been saving them for a long time, and even tossed a few this summer. But I decided that this Halloween I was going to deal with them, for once and for all! First, I covered them with these cute cute papers out of the Stampin' Up Howlstooth paper pack. Look how darling they are, even without embellishments. This paper pack is intended for Halloween, but with those dots, and chevrons, and faux Burburry plaid, I'm going to stock up on this pack.
I used my big shot to punch out a little doily in Tangerine Tango, then added a little banner with the "trick or treat".  I added some bumpy trim, and it's done!
I somehow don't have many Halloween stamps. Both of these came from the dollar stamps section at Michaels.  For those of you who stamp regularly, you'll understand when I tell you that the "trick or treat" was originally in one horizontal line, mounted on wood. Using the Stampin' Up clear mount conversion supplies, I was quickly able to peel it off of the wood, and replace it with the clear mount, so that I could separate the words. I would definitely recommend having those supplies on hand, for the purpose of getting more use out of your stamps, and having the ability to fit words into different configurations.

Next up? Figuring out what kind of candy treat to put inside!


Courtney said...

Cute! LOVE that paper!!!

Liz said...

You certainly are on a roll! I'm inspired by all the great posts - and yes, I bought 2 pkgs of this great Stampin Up paper too :>

Kirsti said...

Hey Mrs. Wallace!! Im sitting here reading your blog while Tyler is singing the bones song... (in his skeleton zombie costume) life is good ;)