Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clovis Farmer's Market and Antique Street Fair

 Submitted by Linda
It's Michelle's fault, really. She has gradually turned me onto healthy, farm fresh produce by working her magic in the kitchen and helping me develop an appreciation for good-for-you food that also tastes good! I thought of her as Liz and I visited the Clovis Farmers Market on their last market of the season. I think that their logo is so cute - I had to have a t-shirt!

(Tshirt photo removed because of copyright issues)

 Look at these gorgeous eggplants. (I still need help cooking this veggie. Michelle can make hers taste  seriously amazing. Mine don't turn out so good).
 These peppers look so pretty- a rainbow of peppers!
 Speaking of colors, what's not to love about a pink firetruck?
 One of my assignments while antique shopping was to find Michelle some antique tumblers, in glass, for her craft table. She wanted to create a cute place to stash her pencils and pens. I knew this Joanie cup was not what she wanted, but I sent her a pic anyway, asking if she wanted it. Her reply? "Only if they have the matching Chachi glass!"
 Then I offered the McDonald's set of four, that we all got years ago for free.
Finally I found a keeper. This pitcher is exactly the size of a tumbler, and I think she will really enjoy the cute handle.
I also found this blue one, with some etching on the sides. Another goodie.
As for my favorite find of the day? I finally found a locker basket, complete with the number on the end. I remember using one like this when visiting the local pool in my grandparents' tiny town of Friend, Nebraska. We would put all of our clothes and shoes in one of these while we swam. Recently, a friend of mine had some in her kitchen for her breads and rolls. I think this one may go in my bathroom holding rolled up towels.  Or maybe in my craft room, holding ribbons and trims!
As I was walking around the street fair, a lady stopped me to ask me where I had found it, because she had been looking for one for some time as well.  It's always nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes to collect some strange old things. As they say, "One man's wine is another man's vinegar!"

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kate wallace said...

I am going to have to go with you sometime and you can show me what to look for! Yes?!