Friday, October 5, 2012

Back to School 2012

Submitted by Linda
I thought maybe you friends would want to see some random whimsy from the beginning of my school year. Here is one of the last gorgeous sunsets of summer vacation in socal.
I exchanged a homecooked meal during the summer for the manual labor of these strapping young men from APU (two of which are Sumner-Danbury alumni). After they moved furniture, they didn't want to leave. So they squeezed into the carpet squares as best as they could, and had a mock storytime with big Tommy as the 'teacher'.
My teammates are Pinterest junkies, so they are constantly coming up with fresh ideas, like this darling Hungry Caterpillar made out of chinese lanterns. Eric Carle's famous story is one we refer to all year long, so this guy will stay up for the duration.
Another Pinterest idea was this "first day" frame. Of course we took every kiddo's picture in it!
This is my kind of volunteer!
I always love this board with the flowers made out of the students' handprints and photos.
Early in the year, the kids make them self, dressed in a school t-shirt, complete with yarn hair....
...then, after we study apples, they add "10 apples up on top!" These cute people with their apples stay up most of the year!

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