Thursday, October 4, 2012

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

Submitted by Linda
For many summers now, I've been wanting to refinish the antique chairs in my living room, or paint them black.  However, the overwhelming prospect of sanding and stripping kept me from getting started.
Enter my friend (and favorite hairdresser), Sandy, pictured below at Shinoda, the Disneyland of floral supply places.
Sandy mentioned a little shop in Glendora, called Knot Too Shabby, where they sold a type of paint that required no prep! As it turns out, I had been in the store, and even followed the owner Michelle's blog now and again. To see her blog, click HERE. This little store is fun and neato, and owner Michelle has posted lots of tutorials for using the chalk paint, especially the Graphite color, which can be temperamental. Owner Michelle talked me through the whole process of using the chalk paint, and sold me a starter kit. (And, in the spirit of 'it's a small world' - Owner Michelle's best friend was a student of my FRF Michelle, back when she was teaching high school!)

Here's my starter kit of supplies:
On the can of paint, it actually says, 'This is girls' paint, but boys can use it too!" Michelle said a chair would take about 4 hours to complete (with an overnight waiting period thrown in), so it was time to get started. Here is chair #1, before:
Here with the graphite paint on it:
Next, using a wet washcloth, distress but rubbing off as much paint as you like! This way when they get banged up and worn, no one will know the difference!
Then, instead of varnish, you simply brush on (and wipe off) this special wax. It adds to the depth of the hue of the paint, and adds a vintage vibe.
This was the sad chair cover.
My mom had this turquoise one stashed from my childhood home in Oregon. It's now on 'permanent loan' to me!
On to chair #2, before:
And after:
On to chair #3. With this one I actually worried a bit about painting over the gorgeous wood.
No more worries! I love it!
I used a embroidered star fabric which ties into some pillows I have on the couch:
And finally, chair #4:
Here's the chairs all together:
My summer ended before I got to the table. My plan is to paint the base Graphite, and do the apron and tabletop in RED!!!!!

When I embarked on this adventure, Sandy told me that I would start looking at all of my furniture with new eyes, and would want to paint everything! Here are the next two items on the list, after I finish the table, of course:
A kindergarten desk from the good ol' days.
This is an old children's ironing board.
Any color suggestions?

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