Monday, October 29, 2012

Treasures and Junk in Ontario

Submitted by Linda
After my recent antiques adventure in Clovis, a friend alerted me to a great place in our own back yard. Say "hello" to Treasures and Junk in Ontario. You can read their blog HERE to get more info.

From the outside, it looks a bit...well, junky.
Inside was a different story. The building houses many booths and an outdoor shopping area that offers a true mish mash of stuff. The picture below displays what I would call 'treasures'.
And this booth shows a nice sampling of cute stuff.
But here is certainly something junky! A weird purse that looks like a high-heeled boot, sort of.
The outdoor section had some cute little booths as well, but the majority of the outdoor stuff was....
...Junk! If you need old trikes or bikes or lockers or other old rusty stuff this is the place for you. It was so fun to poke around. This old pink trailer is a permanent part of the set up, I think. I didn't look for a price on it!
The clientele was interesting also. The guy in front of us in line bought a machete and an old BUD mug. He was with a group of guys who looked like a motorcycle gang. (The good thing about that is that he likely wouldn't be snapping up any of my china or glassware patterns!)

I will definitely go back and visit again, as I was happy to find this orange carnival glass leaf dish there, for a mere six bucks!
Who wants to go????

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crystal Light Mummy

Submitted by Linda
Throughout our years on Front Row Friends, you've heard me blather on and on about getting rid of clutter, living the calm and clutter-free life, and so on. I've got things pretty much under control at home (and let me point out that it helps a lot when the big boys move out and take most of their stuff with them)!

At school, I would also say I'm about 95% organized, yet I have a confession to make. I have a "teacher collection", as all good teachers do. You know what I'm talking about: green strawberry baskets, yarn, pom poms, popsicle sticks, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, googly eyes, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, and glitter in every color. And.....some Crystal Light containers.
I've been saving them for a long time, and even tossed a few this summer. But I decided that this Halloween I was going to deal with them, for once and for all! First, I covered them with these cute cute papers out of the Stampin' Up Howlstooth paper pack. Look how darling they are, even without embellishments. This paper pack is intended for Halloween, but with those dots, and chevrons, and faux Burburry plaid, I'm going to stock up on this pack.
I used my big shot to punch out a little doily in Tangerine Tango, then added a little banner with the "trick or treat".  I added some bumpy trim, and it's done!
I somehow don't have many Halloween stamps. Both of these came from the dollar stamps section at Michaels.  For those of you who stamp regularly, you'll understand when I tell you that the "trick or treat" was originally in one horizontal line, mounted on wood. Using the Stampin' Up clear mount conversion supplies, I was quickly able to peel it off of the wood, and replace it with the clear mount, so that I could separate the words. I would definitely recommend having those supplies on hand, for the purpose of getting more use out of your stamps, and having the ability to fit words into different configurations.

Next up? Figuring out what kind of candy treat to put inside!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time to Take Down the "Merry" Banner!

Submitted by Linda
You may remember this old John Deere tool box from this post HERE. I'm embarrassed to say that this Merry banner, along with the gaily wrapped Christmas packages have been in this very spot since last Christmas. Oh dear! It looks like I'm becoming one of those crazies who leave Christmas up all year.
Well, I got inspired after I decorated my FALL TABLE. I didn't have room for my glittered pumpkins that usually adorn my table in the Autumn, so I plopped them into the tool box. They looked cute, but kind of seemed like they were missing a tiny Autumn banner! Off I went to my craft room, to see what I could find.
I ended up using Making Memories Autumn Spice letters, Everyday Enchantment paper (orange only), Spice Cake paper and the First Edition specialty paper. I left my scissors next to the banner so you can see how tiny it is.
Here it is, hanging on the tool box.
And with the pumpkins!

I saved the Christmas boxes and banner to put up in just a few short weeks. But I promise, I will put them away by January first. In the meantime, I need to figure out what could go in there for spring and summer!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Antique Leaf Dishes and More Burlap

Submitted by Linda
Here's more burlap inspiration from Matt and Kyan's wedding. Remember these table runners?
Then just this September, I snapped this pic of these darling burlap pumpkins up in Clovis.
I decided to use more of the six inch burlap, this time down my kitchen table.  I realize that this all looks very busy with my retro tablecloth, but I'm enjoying it.
About ten years ago, I read in a magazine (maybe Mary Englebreit, before she stopped publishing?) that these handled glass leaf dishes were a neat thing to collect. The article talked about hanging them on an ivy garland (doesn't that sound like the 90s?) and said that they were easy to find and inexpensive.  Well, this green one was my first purchase, and since then, I haven't found any clear glass leaf dishes until my recent Clovis trip.
These below are a Fitz and Floyd, and a McCoy-type leaf. I love those felted acorns!
Here is the clear one I found most recently.
I was wishing for an orange one, and I found this one below for $6 at Treasures and Junk in Ontario. (More on Treasures and Junk to come).
Here's a view of the table from the other end. Next I think I'll try it all with a solid tablecloth!
Doesn't it make you feel like cooking butternut squash soup or turkey and stuffing?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Front Door Refresh

 Submitted by Linda
Ever since Matt and Kyan's cowboy/burlap wedding last November, I've been seeing burlap everywhere. Remember this banner from their reception? Now Kyan is selling all kinds of burlappy things on her own Etsy store.
 Throughout the year, I have this grapevine with twinkle lights around my door. It's on a timer, so they turn on every night of the year, saying "Welcome!" This grapevine looks kind of tatty, so after I take down my Christmas greenery, I'm going to have to upgrade.
 Nevertheless, I found a 6 inch roll of burlap and decided to wind it around the door.
 I added my usual fall garland.....
 ...and my pumpkin lights! I'm a bigger fan of "harvest" than I am of "Halloween" so I turn the little jack-o-lanterns on the pumpkin lights around so they just look like pumpkins! That way I can leave it all up through Thanksgiving. I love the addition of the burlap!

Here it is at nighttime! Happy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grandma's Noritake China

 Submitted by Linda
 For those who have followed us from the beginning, you may remember that our very first post on Front Row Friends was a tea party, where I used my Grandma's Noritake china, back from her early days of marriage in the 1920s. To read about the origin of the FRF blog, click HERE.

As for the china, I was lucky enough to be her only granddaughter, so I can now set a table for 12 with this lovely stuff, complete with gravy boat and serving pieces. If only she had gotten the teapot.

It is beautiful, and in great condition. It's always a pleasure to pull it out for a special holiday or event. This last Wednesday, I was watching students on the kindergarten playground, when Craig texted me and asked me to call him. It turns out, he needed me to host a table at the "Mother-Daughter-Friends" tea at APU as part of their homecoming/parents weekend. Apparently, they kept getting signups, and needed another table set for eight.

Normally, I like to plan for these types of things way ahead, but when push comes to shove, I can make things happen in a hurry. I immediately pulled out a plate, and set out to create a quick favor. For what is a tea party without a favor (which should include chocolate)?
 Again, I pulled out my Tea Shoppe set and made a cute "tea for two" front for the Fancy Favor treat bag. The die for the treat bag requires 12 x 12 card stock, and I had exactly enough in the yellow and the kraft to create eight bags. (Better put 12 x 12 card stock on the shopping list- you never know when you may need to create treat bags in a hurry!) Here they are, with Victoria lace and Crumb Cake tulle tying them shut.
Usually I use this gold tablecloth, which is a rectangle, or I've borrowed navy linens. Since the china is cream, decided to get a round table cloth in cream and use the gold tablecloth as a runner. (If anyone ever needs to borrow a 90" round cream tablecloth, I'm your girl!)

I picked up some roses from Vons, and some navy satin ribbon to tie the napkins, and we've got us a tea party! A friend loaned me a Leedsware-type teapot, along with a sugar and creamer to round out my table.

Lots of ladies commented on how pretty it was, and several knew that it was old. When I told them it was my grandma's, they said I was brave to bring it. I think she'd be happy knowing that I'm using it and enjoying it.  I sat with some lovely ladies, including a daughter (APU freshman), her mother and grandmother.

Now the linens are washed and ready for the next time, and the china is all packed up, for now.  But I'm already looking forward to pulling it out again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

French Inspired Cards

Submitted by Linda
I have a colleague at work who is from France, originally, and is one of those sweet thoughtful people who always remembers my birthday, even though we don't know each other well. I recently learned that she honors many, many birthdays of colleagues, and always brings cute gifts fitting the recipient. I had decided early this summer, that when her birthday came this October, I would be prepared with a handmade gift that would be fitting for her!

In my collection of stamps, I had nothing that felt very french, so I asked Michelle if I could borrow her Artistic Etchings stamp set. She was so kind, she popped it in the mail, and the next day, I was ready to get crafting! (Now that many of the stamp sets come in clear mount, they fit in a slim DVD style case - easy to store and mail to friends!)

Here's what I came up with. For this one, I used Early Espresso, and the retired Blushing Bride. See that pretty gathered tulle? I bought a half yard of it just last month while on my Clovis adventures. It matches perfectly!

For the next card, I busted out the old background called French Script. It's an oldie, but goodie. I'm so into embossing these days, that I rarely used the big background stamps. I love the way this turned out, so I'm inspired to use those backgrounds more often. I added some old lace I purchased on another antiquing adventure. And that little key? It was in my stockpile of supplies. Oh, how we love having the right stuff on hand!
I positively love the color combo on this one. I did revert back to my embossed background, but I used the French Script again on the tag. I popped up the Eiffel tower, added an antiqued brad, some Rose Red seam binding, and Voila!
I made her two of each, and soon will bundle them up and present them to her. Hopefully she'll feel the birthday love!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tea Shoppe Cards

 Submitted by Linda
After I said that Craig rarely asked me for handstamped projects, he asked me to put together a gift basket to be raffled off at a Mother-Daughter-Ladies Tea that is happening this weekend as a part of APU's homecoming celebration. Usually I'm asked to create a gift basket for folks to bid on, which is much harder. How do I know what the starting bid should be? How does one put a price tag on hand stamped goodness? And how do I display it so that it brings in lots of bids?

Anyway, this will just be given away randomly, to a lucky lady at the tea. So my job was to create a cute giveaway, without worrying about making it look like a million bucks.

Last Spring, I had purchased the Tea Shoppe stamp set and was so excited about busting it out! My first card ended up being a birthday card, with punched and embossed tags, with cut out tea cups on them.  And just for fun, I decorated the back of the envelope.
For card #2, I pulled out my Springtime Vintage paper from early 2011, and made this beauty. I love the texture of the embossing on the white card, along with the floral image on the tea cup.
For my third and final card, I pulled out my old paper and my Sage Shadow (retired) ink. I was so excited to use that fancy stick pin in this one. And I love the square shape.
Again, I upgraded the envelope.
For the basket, I put in four each of the three cards. As for making it look like a million bucks...I did add a cute tea cup, and wrapped it all up nice-nice in a basket with cellophane and a matching tag.
I'm looking forward to see who wins it!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinkalicious Birthday Banner

 Submitted by Linda
As a kindergarten teacher, I strive to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe and happy in our community of learners. I meticulously keep track of details so that 'everyone has their turn' throughout the year, for "Top Banana", winning the "Guessing Jar", being certain helpers, and so on. Yet the reality is that sometimes I develop a deeper relationship with some students because we are neighbors, or because we attend the same church, or because I have history with their family. 

My former student Jordy is one of those friends. Here we are on the bus to Amy's farm.
Jordy entered kindergarten when she was only 4, and early on, her parents opted to have Jordy repeat kindergarten. She was very bright, but they wanted her to have the advantage of that second year to develop leadership and confidence. During that second year, she certainly was a true "all star" kindergartner, and after two years together, we were sad to say goodbye last June. The good news is, I'm good friends with her grandma (remember Miss Carla, guru of all things sewing and the amazing chocolate chip cookies?) and Jordy's family also attends my church. I think knowing that we would always be friends, and that we would see each other often, was a comfort to both of us.

Recently Jordy invited me to her birthday party. Not just a "you should come" invite, but a legit invitation for me and Mr. Wallace. We were unable to attend, but I thought a personalized banner would be just right for such an occasion.

Jordy's middle name is "Pink" (a cute story, involving her brother choosing the name), so I knew that Pink would be the signature color. I dug out this "Cheerful Treat" paper pack, and got busy.
Here's what I ended up with:
I had to include her "pinkalicious" middle name!
Just for fun, I draped it across my headboard just to admire it hanging up. I think it's a happy little gift for a special birthday girl.
During the last week of school, Jordy and I both wore Claremont colors for our kindergarten sports day, and she said, "We have to take a picture!" So, I did. Happily.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

King's Crown and the Clovis Wrap-Up

 Submitted by Linda
 On our way to Clovis, we always stop in Bakersfield to see Strawberry Patches, and also to visit a few antique malls in town. It makes for a good mid-way break. There I saw this old, old sampler and I love the message, and I hope my loved ones and FRFs know that they can 'come without warning'!
 Last May, I had the pleasure of sitting at Liz's gorgeous tea table at a Ladies' Tea hosted by my church. Isn't her table stunning?
Her Royal Albert "Blossom Time" china is about the same vintage as my Royal Albert "Petit Point", and I just love the way her King's Crown glassware lights up her table. I noticed that it goes so nicely with my china, so I became a copycat (with her permission) and purchased the goblets in the San Diego area.
 One can find all sorts of dishes and glassware in this pattern, but I vowed not to buy too much more. I did end up finding this small compote, a bargain at $8.00. And notice how pretty it looks by my china!

 Here it is shown with a little vase that I found, along with some embroidered linens that will also blend well with the china and glassware.
 Throughout the weekend, we kept seeing this Hall Autumn Leaf Pattern. I actually have a set of 3 mixing bowls from my Grandma Klippenstein that I love to use, but in all honesty, I don't love the pattern. I actually wish that I did, because this stuff is so readily available. I've heard that the "Jewel T" salesman sold these from his truck as he traveled from town to town. They must have been affordable and popular at the time.
 Now that I've become an embroiderer, I'm trying not to buy things that I could make. I think I could have embroidered this foxglove dresser scarf, but the cutwork would be out of my range of ability. Plus it was in pristine condition!
This next piece was not in pristine condition, but it was a 'must have' anyway. Just look at these crocheted strawberries!!!! It is a bit worn, with some faint stains, but I just adore those big strawberries.
I plunked my strawberry basket on it just to see how cute they would look together.
Remember my fairy garden? I was wishing for some 'wildlife' in my garden, so I picked up this frog and turtle. The penny shows how teeny tiny they are.
This shot is for Nick. He's always searching thrift stores for crazy clothes and 'legit' Hawaiian shirts. I think these were out of his price range.
Love this old stove. Doesn't Susan Branch have one of these in her kitchen?
I'm closing with one of my other finds. I have been wishing for a cookie cutter of a gingerbread man on the run. I've seen them online, big, brass and expensive (more like a 'looking' cookie cutter rather than a 'using' one). When I'm antiquing, I can't stop myself from digging through every box or basket of old cookie cutters. Lo and behold, it was Liz who found this one. We got so excited that the vendor took the opportunity to charge me $3.00 for it! Well, I was happy to pay it and finally have one.