Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Charm of Newport Beach

Submitted by Linda
Since before my kids were born, we vacationed at Newport Beach for a week with Craig's sister and her family. We rented a beach house, and some of our favorite family memories are tied in to those happy days. Our boys grew up riding the waves and biking on the boardwalk with their cousins.

We hadn't gone in about 6 years because our favorite beach house wasn't available anymore, and we hadn't taken our kids on a vacation with us in the last few years, so this summer it was time!

We found a different beach house, and it turned out to be a sweet time of remembering the 'good old days' and creating new memories with our 'adult' boys.

Newport continues to have such a charm about it. We were there in July, and the homes were decked out in their patriotic swag.
I love the scroll work on this fence.
And on closer inspection, I discovered the surfer topiary! If I lived at the beach I would certainly want one of these on my patio.
In the evenings, we walked to the Balboa Fun Zone, and on the way I quickly snapped a pic of this party in action. Doesn't it look so lovely in that courtyard?We used to stay on 14th street which was closer to the Newport Pier. This time we were near the iconic Wedge.
Tons of kids were enrolled in the junior lifeguard program. I didn't envy them running in the sand and swimming in the ocean. Those kids worked hard!
Here are my boys in front of an interesting art gallery. They would say that they're looking 'tanktacular'!
We tried to get a family picture for our Christmas card. This one might work! I like how we all look happy to be together on vacation.


Cindy Johansen said...

This would be a great Christmas card! Everyone is always so happy and stress-free on vacation!

Liz Leahy said...

I agree...a great Christmas card photo! And what fun pictures - makes me want to plan a weekend in Newport!