Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Newport Beach '12: Eating our Way though the Week

Submitted by Linda
I think that Michelle has rubbed off on me. During our beach vacation in July I found myself in the kitchen cooking and prepping food for fun! It really is more fun to cook when you have time, and when people are excited to eat what you make. (For all of you young moms out there, the 'picky eater syndrome' will pass). I had brought the fixins for bruschetta, which included homegrown tomatoes and basil. I used Mario Batali's recipe.
Another day, I busted out some smoked salmon that I had received in a gift basket at Christmas time (no worries - smoked salmon has a long shelf life!). Smoked salmon is great by itself, but adding cream cheese never hurts anything. This time, I used Ina Garten's recipe for "smoked salmon dip". I've tried to link it to no avail! You can easily find it by asking Mr. Google.
Next up, was Michelle's recipe for roasted beets. These came from the farmers market and my niece Courtney's garden. I even brought some fresh thyme to sprinkle on top, just like Chef Michelle does! I love the gorgeous colors of the red and golden beets together.
Toward the end of the week, I realized that I had all the ingredients to make Susan Branch's Fresh Corn Salad. I LOVE this salad because it is so crisp and refreshing.
Tommy's wish during vacation was to sear fresh ahi tuna. We went to the Santa Monica Fish Market in Newport to splurge on one pound of fish. This seafood market was amazing!
No recipe for these fish tacos. They are from Bear Flag Fish Market. We ate them on the beach, and everything tastes better on the beach!
During our outing to Joe's Crab Shack, we captured a typical moment with the Wallace boys. One of them is always doing the 'non-smile' on purpose. Just to irritate their mom, I'm sure.
Our week wouldn't have been complete without a bike ride (or two) to the Balboa Fun Zone for a Balboa bar, a frozen banana, or a really gi-normous shave ice!
Now vacation is over, and back-to-school is looming ahead. I'm so thankful for these moments in time when we can savor good food and time with family.

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Gail said...

Do you have links to these recipes? all sound delicious!