Sunday, August 26, 2012

Newport Beach '12: Biking, Crafting, and Being Quiet in the Kitchen!

Submitted by Linda
I'm eeking out every last minute the summer has to offer. I'm feeling blessed that my school starts later than many, so it feels like a bonus to have these few final days in August as the end of my summer vacay. (When these other teachers are done in May, or early June, remind me of this feeling!)

I want to share a few final pics with you from our beach week. When we first moved into the beach house, we saw this sign and thought maybe we were heading for trouble with the neighbors.
We made an effort to mind our Ps and Qs while we were at the sink, and didn't hear a peep from them either.

After I snapped this pic on my phone, the boys taught me how to use Instagram and made some edits. I love this pic, especially how the boys are taller than Craig. Nick thinks he's pulling a fast one because he's on a big mound of sand. I'm not a super giant fan of the tank top with a bomb on it, but I guess we can't have it all. We called Tommy "the unibomber" when he wore those glasses all week.
Here's my turn to be in a pic with the boys. We were on a little dock by the bay, fishing.
One of my favorite things about the week was riding bikes. We were recently given some gently used bikes, and there really is nothing better then riding by the ocean. Or in the town where the ocean breezes blow all over you. I was so enjoying myself that I risked my life and limb to capture the moment (from my phone), whilst riding. You can see Craig behind me. I also snapped this one, from my moving bike, to capture Nick skating, with Cousins Sam and Kari on bikes. You will notice that the light is yellow. I have a bad feeling that I blew right through that light after I took the pic. So far I haven't received a ticket in the mail.
I packed myself a pile of magazines for my week and a bit of crafting. I wanted to use up these neato felt pompoms, so I copied an idea out of PaperCrafts mag.
For the next two cards, I used the Thoughts and Prayers set, and made plenty, so that I could share some.
Both of these ideas are straight out of Stampin' Up's Idea Book.
I'm so grateful for our time away, and I'm already hoping we can go again next summer.

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