Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crabapple Hill Pillow

Submitted by Linda
For Christmas last year, I asked for (and received) some patterns and embroidery supplies from Crabapple Hill Designs. Click HERE to see their cute stuff!

One pattern was for a vintage postcard pillow. In this pic you can see that I've only stitched the stamp and postmark. The dark writing you see (the address) is printed on Fabri-Sticky Solvy, then stuck on the fabric. It rinses right out when I'm done embroidering!
Here's the pillow, completed. Knowing that I would do an average job creating the pillow, I enlisted my friend Carla to sew it together for me. She added the pink piping, and inserted the lace trim (you can barely see it on the bottom right of the pillow).
The fabric (also from Crabapple Hill) matches the design on the pattern.
Here's what's amazing about Carla. Not only did she do a beautiful job, she added a zipper on the back so that the pillow could be removed for cleaning.
Here is how the back looks all zipped up!
Here is a closeup of the postmark. I love the vintage feel of the variegated floss!
Now it sits on my bed....and I'm onto my next stitching project!

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