Monday, July 16, 2012

Tshirt Quilt: Never Say Never

Submitted by Linda
My boys are both in college, and I have to admit that one of the things I miss most about having the boys around is Little League Baseball. Both of my boys played well, and Craig often was coaching, so it was a family affair with lots of happy memories tied in.

I was one of those forward-thinking moms (euphemism for 'crazy mom') who saved all of their jerseys from the beginning. Then in the summer of 2004 (Tommy was 13 and Nick 12), my mom and I set out to make them each a blanket/quilt out of their jerseys. We did both in one week (while they were away at summer camp), and we calculated that we spent 55 hours that week creating a pattern, buying supplies, cutting, pressing, stitching, and tying. Here is Tommy with his blanket, after he opened it for Christmas:
It turned out to be a big job, and my mom and I were both so happy when the quilts were done. "Thank goodness we never have to do that again!", we said. But then they played Junior level, and even one year of Senior level, and I kept saving jerseys. It's so hard to throw them away when your family name is imprinted on the back!

As I did my summer purge in my craft room, I came across the tub of shirts, and decided I needed a tshirt quilt to live at our house. Thankfully Mom agreed to help me, so I packed up my shirts, and the backing flannel (which I also had purchased years ago) and headed to her house. Thankfully, we had saved the pattern and measurements:
For the boys' quilts, I had shopped for years at various fabric stores to find MLB fabrics representing many of the teams they had been on. If you look again at Tommy's quilt, you'll notice the variety in the smaller squares. I decided I wanted a simpler look, so we opted out of that step. Here I have laid the shirts on the floor to decide on the layout.
Thank goodness for the quilter's cutting system. I can't imagine my grandmothers cutting out tiny pieces by hand, with scissors!
Shirts are cut, and the denimy-chambray is also ready. Time to start sewing.
The quilt top is laying on the 'warm and natural' batting, which is much thinner than the polyfil batting I used last time.
Here is the final outcome! It is warm and snuggly, and I get dibs on it next time I'm under the weather.Amazingly enough, I still have enough leftover shirts for me to wear on sports day or Halloween. I also saved a few for the distant future when the boys may have Little League players of their own. But for now, I'm done!

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Teri said...

You take my breath away! I am speechless (which as you know doesn't happen all that often!) Looks super comfy!