Sunday, July 8, 2012

Must Do's and May Do's: Summer Slow-Down

Submitted by Linda
"There's absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush. Everybody should be free to go very slow". Robert Frost

By nature, I'm very task oriented, enjoying my checklists and getting things done. In my vocation as a teacher, my days are full and require constant multitasking. Essentially during September through June, I'm go, go, going, working on the 'must-do's' and wishing for more time for 'may-do's'.

This school year, I had a very dear class, which made each day full of good surprises. However, in terms of staff and leadership, my school site faced many ups and downs and sudden changes. Those of you who know me well, know that I like to 'plan my work and work my plan' and 'have my ducks in a row'. In other words, I'm not a big fan of unexpected changes. Looking back on the year, I see a year of personal growth in my 'reservoir' of experience. Yet on the last day of school I was more than ready to close the book on a difficult year.

I decided that my summer theme would be "health and home". You who have followed us for awhile know that Michelle is BO (born organized) and I'm learning. Each summer I go through my closets and cabinets and do a full-blown tidy up. So my home has always been a priority in the summer, but this year, I yearn for order more than usual. As for my health, I'm taking this opportunity to ride my bike more, walk more, and make good eating choices. (I'll even admit to you all on the blogosphere that I did some 'stress-eating' this past several months). There's no better time to get healthy than when 1) my time is my own in the summer and 2) I can wear my gym shorts every day (except Sunday church) if I want.

It's easy for me to fall back into my same high-paced mo-jo during the summer and hurriedly work on lots of tasks. But I've had some inspiration from this little friend here:
A momma bird took over one of our hanging plants and I've been obsessed with watching baby. He (or she) doesn't seem too stressed, or rushed to do anything. He's happy hanging out in the nest, happily chirping when mom returns with a snack.
Yes, I'm doing my summer tidying (I won't bore you with my scary 'before and after' pictures this time), and yes, I'm doing my crafting. And yes, I'm doing more cooking. But mostly I'm trying to do everything with a relaxing pace. Putting my fork down between bites. Taking a mid-day rest as needed. Cooking a meal at a leisurely pace. Taking a bike ride. And cleaning out the cabinets, of course.

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Teri said...

You words are an inspiration to us all! I need to follow your lead...end of July perhaps??