Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michelle's Happy Birthday Weekend

Submitted by Michelle
clockwise from the purple toes: Teri, Linda, Michelle and Carrie
Three weeks ago I celebrated my 45th birthday with a girls weekend in Encinitas. Linda and I both agree that while we love to plan and attend parties, we don't really like to be the center of attention at a one. We've made a pact to never throw a surprise party for one another, or aid and abet a spouse who is trying to plan a surprise party for one of us. Getting out of town with three of my front row friends was the perfect way to celebrate.
Thanks to generosity of David's brother and sister-in law, we always have a great place to stay when we go to Encinitas. Here's a view from the living room window.
No party is complete without a gift basket. I made fun, beach-themed party favors for the girls which included their favorite candy, nail polish, lip balm, gold fish crackers, handmade cards, and other treats.
We did lots of walking around town. These boat houses are a landmark in Encinitas. Despite looking like real boats, they are made of wood and plaster. The closest they come to water is when it rains.
We also ran into some veggies on the street outside of Whole Foods Market.
Walking on the beach was also a favorite pastime.
That's me, Teri and Carrie in the middle of the staircase, looking out at the ocean.
During several of our walks we were lucky enough to experience extremely low tide which meant we got to check out the tide pools.
The sandbar in the picture above actually looks like this up close.
Doesn't this seagrass look like a star? In the pools of water were sea anemones that Linda had a great time poking with her shoe so we could see them open and close.
All the walking made us hungry so we had to do lots of eating, too. Sometimes we dined on our favorite finger foods.
We also ate at a local favorite, Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza. Along with amazing wood-fired pizzas, they also have interesting appetizers. The heirloom Wisconsin black seed popcorn with truffle salt and parmesan cheese was delish!
As was the "BLT” Butter Lettuce Salad with artisan bacon, bread crumbs and cherry tomatoes.
Relaxing in the sunshine was a must.
Not bad for half way to 90!
left to right: Linda, Carrie, Michelle Teri
Our weekend was full of crafting, laughing, movie-watching and girl talk. I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to celebrate with, and I feel so blessed that the front row of my life is filled with such great friends!

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Teri said...

What a GRAND and GLORIOUS time we had! Feel like I re-lived it all over again! Thanks for the recap!