Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girls Road Trip Weekend

Submitted by Michelle
Ready to roll!
This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a road trip with my favorite soon-to-be 5th grader, Celeste! Her mom and brothers were off to a martial arts tournament in Las Vegas so it was up to us to cram in as much girl time as possible.
Celeste and I have a tradition of stopping at Dairy Queen on our way out of town. Don't you love her hat and wristees? For my birthday, my friend Sheryl knitted me a similar hat and a pair of wristees and she included some for Celeste, too.
Our first stop was at the hair salon. Celeste wanted shoulder length locks and she got it.
Love the curls.
Once we were beautified, we headed to Claremont to see Linda. As you may have already guessed, crafting was the order of the day. I even got Celeste working on a project.
Nothing says vacation like a little leisurely reading before bedtime.
Our Saturday started off a little rocky. Upon waking up Celeste had a seizure and I had to call 911. Quick as wink there was a firetruck, ambulance and paramedic unit outside of the house and 8 burly men were attending to Celeste. We spent our morning in the Emergency Room at Pomona-Valley Hospital where the doctors and nurses took very good care of Celeste. She was able to be released in the early afternoon and though she was exhausted, she insisted on continuing our girls weekend and not going home with her family. We went back to Linda's house so Celeste could recuperate.
Notice the sleeve of her nightgown is cut. The paramedics got a little over zealous. Celeste was not happy about that.

While Celeste slept, Linda and I crafted at the kitchen table. I cranked out 80 of these beauties.
Celeste did wake up in the early evening and got in some much needed computer time.
By Sunday, Celeste was back to her usual self and we were able to do some shopping.
Nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel better.
When we got back to the desert it was 113 degrees outside (blech!) so we decided one more stop at the DQ was in order.

Despite the medical emergency, the weekend was lots of fun. Celeste got some new duds. Linda got to craft with her favorite partner (me!). And I got my first ever ambulance ride.

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Teri said...

Love this post! The photos are priceless! Celeste is one little cutie pie and so lucky to have you in her life, Michelle!