Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decorated Clipboard

Submitted by Linda
In the spirit of taking care of my 'health and home' (remember my summer theme?), I have been coming across unfinished projects and bringing them to completion.

When I was a pre-teen, I took a sewing class in junior high. My dad agreed to pay for any fabric my mom or I wanted, as long as we didn't let projects pile up. Apparently I had a great grandmother who had been hoarding fabric for years and years.

I think this is a good mantra to follow, and so I usually collect my supplies and get 'er done in a reasonable amount of time. I will admit, however, to occasionally finding supplies purchased long ago for a project that is no longer appealing. (When this happens, I ease my guilt and bless someone else by sharing it with a friend or donating it to goodwill.)

I love using smallish clipboards at school and at home for keeping track of to do lists, wish lists, schedules and so on. So when I found this cute scalloped clipboard, I knew it would be something I would enjoy using. It's about 9 inches square.
It had sat in my craft room for several years, waiting to get its turn to shine. Recently when I came across it, I decided to get started. Here are some of my options, spread out on the carpet.
I knew I wanted to start with the green polkies and the pink gingham. I cut the scallops as best as I could, then glued it down with ModPodge, then used sanding tools to clean up all of those scalloped edges. The ModPodge smells exactly the way it did when I learned decoupage at summer camp!
Next, I placed my pieces where I thought they should go. I ended up rejecting the number pennants, and punched my own out of coordinating paper.
Here is the final result! I did brush a few more coats on both the back and front, letting it dry well between coats.
On the back, I used one sheet of paper...
...with one small embellishment.
Listed below are the supplies I used.
Thanks for looking!

Front of Clipboard: Green Acres Polka Dot (Pink Paislee), Fruit Stand pink gingham (Pink Paislee), assorted papers for pennant border (Pink Paislee), Hometown Summer Border Stickers (Pink Paislee), Flower Die, Word Stickers, Soda Sticker (Modern Homemaker/October Afternoon), U for Umbrella Flash Card (October Afternoon); Back of Clipboard: Sunnyside Lane (Hometown Summer/Pink Paislee)


nanc' said...

Cutie, cute! Love the ruler paper-strip.

Teri said...

So adorable! I love it! Where is the class being held for that? I want to sign up!