Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Petit Point" Napkins

Submitted by Linda
Ever since I started collecting my Royal Albert 'Petit Point' dishes (just under a year ago), I really felt like I would want to have matching napkins. After all, it's a needlework pattern, right? Well I searched online to no avail. My pal Liz, a guru for all things needlework, suggested that I transfer it by hand onto graph paper. I had purchased 4 antique linen napkins in Clovis, so I had to get started.

I pulled out my Stampin' Up "Many Marvelous Markers" and got to work. This picture shows the beginning of my pattern.
As I was working on it, it was confirmed that I enjoy embroidery much more than counted cross stitch. All that counting and paying attention isn't as fun as breezily stitching along a line, adding french knots or lazy daisies as the spirit leads. Nevertheless, between busy times at school, and other projects, I finally got it done. But then I decided. I'm only making one. This one. For sure. Then I removed the waste canvas and ironed it up, and put it next to the cup. Do you hear angels singing? I do!
It looked gorgeous next to the cup, so I had to put it by a cup and plate. Yep! Cute again.
As a bonus, I'm showing you this tiny candy dish that I just adore, again with my spectacular napkin! The paperclip is in the dish to show you how teensy tiny the dish is.
I bought the antique linen napkins in Clovis, so I have 3 more, begging to be cross stitched. And if one of you came to a tea party at my house, you'd be so disappointed to get a plain napkin, right?

I'd better get back to work!


Unknown said...

Linda, how lovely and how clever of you. You are a woman of many talents. I hope you have time this summer to finish the other 3 napkins.

Heather Klump said...

So Sweet! What time shall I be there! :) I do hope you find the time to finish the other ones too!

kate wallace said...

Oh my goodness! It looks great! How do you know how to do all these things?!?!