Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Petit Point" Napkins

Submitted by Linda
Ever since I started collecting my Royal Albert 'Petit Point' dishes (just under a year ago), I really felt like I would want to have matching napkins. After all, it's a needlework pattern, right? Well I searched online to no avail. My pal Liz, a guru for all things needlework, suggested that I transfer it by hand onto graph paper. I had purchased 4 antique linen napkins in Clovis, so I had to get started.

I pulled out my Stampin' Up "Many Marvelous Markers" and got to work. This picture shows the beginning of my pattern.
As I was working on it, it was confirmed that I enjoy embroidery much more than counted cross stitch. All that counting and paying attention isn't as fun as breezily stitching along a line, adding french knots or lazy daisies as the spirit leads. Nevertheless, between busy times at school, and other projects, I finally got it done. But then I decided. I'm only making one. This one. For sure. Then I removed the waste canvas and ironed it up, and put it next to the cup. Do you hear angels singing? I do!
It looked gorgeous next to the cup, so I had to put it by a cup and plate. Yep! Cute again.
As a bonus, I'm showing you this tiny candy dish that I just adore, again with my spectacular napkin! The paperclip is in the dish to show you how teensy tiny the dish is.
I bought the antique linen napkins in Clovis, so I have 3 more, begging to be cross stitched. And if one of you came to a tea party at my house, you'd be so disappointed to get a plain napkin, right?

I'd better get back to work!

Monday, June 11, 2012

School Supplies Cake for "Ladybug Girl"!

Submitted by Linda
I have been so blessed by my student teacher this past 9 weeks. Nellie came when things were just amping up for our big open house, and she has worked tirelessly. She is a natural teacher, who is uber-creative and has tons of initiative (she can read my mind about tasks I want her to do!) Sometimes it's difficult to hand your class off to someone else, especially someone who is just learning how to manage a class. No worries with Nellie. She did such a seamless job, that I don't think the kids even missed having me up front!

I wanted to do something cute for her 'end of year thank you' gift, because Nellie is someone who appreciates all things cute. She creates cute stuff on her computer and her Cricut, both of which are not my strong points.

Nellie joined our class right when we were learning about insects, and you should hear her read "Ladybug Girl"! She is so animated and engaging. I found this cute "school supplies cake" on Pinterest, and I copied this tutorial to make it. Super cute, right? I decided to use ladybug ribbon and add ladybug 'puffies' to the big gerbera daisies.
Here is Nellie after we presented her with the cake. The cake was preceded with our kindergartners singing "I Think You're Wonderful" to her, and presenting her with a large scrapbook type page with our class picture on it, for her fridge (I didn't post it here, because I don't want to put student pics on the web).
I also knew that Nellie would need some cute hand-stamped teacher thank you cards, so I made sure she got 6 each of the following cards:

For all of the cards I made use of the good old "Tart and Tangy" set, with the cute apple stamp. In keeping with the theme of our party, I asked my amazing room parent, Pam, if she would provide cupcakes. Here's what she brought. (See why she's amazing?)
As we were celebrating, my students spontaneously started chanting, "best day ever! best day ever!" And then one of them randomly wished Nellie a happy birthday. Oy vey! Hopefully that student will beef up their listening skills in first grade!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Life for an Old Weathervane

Submitted by Linda
Remember this old weathervane from my adventures in Clovis? (You can read about it by clicking on the colored ink above)
On Memorial Day, I cornered my handy nephew Matt, and asked him to remove the tarry stuff and the extra hardware on the bottom. When he returned it (ready to hang), I plunked in on Craig's workbench, assuming it may sit there for some time. Well, I came home last night to find.......it's hung, just like I wanted!
When I redid my window treatments and recovered chairs in April of 2011, I decided then that an old weathervane would be perfect in that spot. And it is!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

School Volunteer Gift

Submitted by Linda
I'll admit that one of my 'love languages' is gift giving. It's not that I expect gifts (though I enjoy gifts like everyone else), but I love to create and give gifts. I have enjoyed designing and planning the volunteer gift for our school for the past several years. These gifts are given away at our Volunteer Tea, and are just a small way to thank folks who give many hours to support teachers and children at our school. My inspiration was this notepad holder that Michelle designed several years ago.
In past years, I've hand-stamped each of the 75 gifts (this is crazy, I know!). So this year, I got smart and asked a 'super talented computer savvy' colleague to work her magic and create a front on the computer. We're taking advantage of our recently awarded Distinguished School status to thank our "distinguished volunteers".
Another colleague happened to have all of this navy cardstock on hand. Cut, score, fold....ready!
The medium sized notepads are chopped in half at the print shop.
Taa-Daaa! The backside of the navy cardstock is white. I love the clean white look when you open it up!
I don't even miss the ribbon, punches or dimension. I love the design, and will be proud to hand these out on Wednesday!