Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two for One Fairy Gardens

Submitted by Linda
Years ago, I attended a women's event where the centerpiece was a 'fairy garden'. In case you've never heard of this, it is a miniature garden in a pot (or tub, or other vessel), which can be accessorized with tiny props. For further details, simply go to Pinterest and type in 'fairy garden'. You will be overwhelmed with pictures!

After the event I attended, I bought the centerpiece (or maybe won it in a raffle), and gave it to my mom. Long after the plants were gone, she stashed away the tiny fence and chair.

Fast forward to this past Mother's Day, when I gave my mom an Armstrong certificate, for the purpose of rebuilding the fairy garden. We went together to pick out the plants, and discovered that they even had a section of 'miniature' plants. However, their clever marketing strategy is to only offer them in pony packs, so you end up with too many plants for one pot.
We realized while we were there that I could use the leftovers to make my own fairy garden! After our trip to Armstrong, we came right home and planted them. I love how the thyme looks like a little tree!
This one is getting it's first splash of water.
I went to Michael's where I found the perfect tiny polished rocks and glass for a pebbly path. Here is my mom's final result: She even had a tiny goose figure to add to her vignette!
So I had my plants, but no cute props. I began searching on my computer, where I found Market Hill's 'fine fairy houses'. I ordered this teeny tiny bike and the rusty metal fence. This website has everything for fairy houses...even crazy things like holiday decorations and tiny croquet sets.
I happened to have the tiny birdhouse in another plant, so I quickly snagged it and added it to my thyme tree area.
I'm so pleased with the whimsical result. Now if I could just keep the plants from growing!

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Anonymous said...

These are so cute Linda- i have never seen one before.