Sunday, June 3, 2012

School Volunteer Gift

Submitted by Linda
I'll admit that one of my 'love languages' is gift giving. It's not that I expect gifts (though I enjoy gifts like everyone else), but I love to create and give gifts. I have enjoyed designing and planning the volunteer gift for our school for the past several years. These gifts are given away at our Volunteer Tea, and are just a small way to thank folks who give many hours to support teachers and children at our school. My inspiration was this notepad holder that Michelle designed several years ago.
In past years, I've hand-stamped each of the 75 gifts (this is crazy, I know!). So this year, I got smart and asked a 'super talented computer savvy' colleague to work her magic and create a front on the computer. We're taking advantage of our recently awarded Distinguished School status to thank our "distinguished volunteers".
Another colleague happened to have all of this navy cardstock on hand. Cut, score, fold....ready!
The medium sized notepads are chopped in half at the print shop.
Taa-Daaa! The backside of the navy cardstock is white. I love the clean white look when you open it up!
I don't even miss the ribbon, punches or dimension. I love the design, and will be proud to hand these out on Wednesday!

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kate wallace said...

SO cute! I want to volunteer so I can have one :)