Saturday, May 5, 2012

Helms Deep and The Donut Man

Submitted by Michelle
Photos by Linda

Linda and I met over 25 years ago when we were students at Azusa Pacific University. She and my brother Michael were friends, and when I came to Brother-Sister Weekend to visit the campus he arranged for me to stay with her in the dorms. Part of my Brother-Sister Weekend included a trip to Foster's Donuts (now known as The Donut Man.) We didn't know at the time that we would end up being life-long, Front Row Friends. Now, years later, Linda's sons are attending APU and forging friendships that will most likely last a life time, too.

This weekend I am visiting Linda and last night at 9:30 PM, as we were laying on the couches in her living room in our pajamas and talking about our long work weeks, we were overcome by a spontaneous spirit. We decided to put our clothes back on and go visit her youngest, Nick, and his roommates at their newly rented house in Glendora. The guys have nicknamed their new abode Helms Deep. (I had to consult with Lord Google to find out that Helms Deep is a large valley in one of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books.) We knew we couldn't show up empty handed, so we made a stop at the historic The Donut Man for old times sake.All the donuts are made on the premises, and the employees work hard to keep up with the steady stream of customers.
I'd love to know how many donuts these guys make each day.
Tiger tails and jelly filled and glazed, oh my!
During the spring and summer, when fresh fruit is plentiful, you can get fresh strawberry or peach donuts.
Just like the good ol' days, the place was packed.
Linda and I have a long standing joke that she always "comes out smelling like a rose" and last night was no different. The line for purchasing donuts wrapped around the building, but wouldn't you know, Linda discovered a secret window on the opposite side of the building where we could order without having to wait.
Ben took great care of us, filling up the box with all kinds of sugary, doughy goodness!
The residents of Helms Deep were very appreciative of our gift, and Linda and I had a wonderful time reminiscing about time gone by and feeling like we were back in college again. However, we are well aware that women in their 40s shouldn't be giving their homes clever names, though "Green Gables" and "Pemberly" came to mind. I guess we'll leave that to the inhabitants of Helms Deep.

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