Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Flower Fields at Carls"good"

Submitted by Linda

You have heard me say before, that for teachers, May is like December in its busy-ness. It's a month with its usual commitments, plus 47 other activities usually associated with ending the school year (assessments, report cards, student gifts, volunteer gifts, end of year parties). Throw in a couple of graduations and weddings, and we teachers are a whirlwind of activity!

Early in the month, I was able to carve out a mother-daughter day with my mom, visiting The Flower Fields in Carlsgood (as Michelle likes to say, in reference to Carlsbad). We have visited family there on numerous occasions throughout the years, but had never seen the flower fields in their glory. I wasn't sure what to expect, beyond the rainbow of ranunculus, but was pleasantly surprised by all to see and do.

When we first arrived, we looked at the lower gardens.
Then, the awesome floral rainbow!

I couldn't stop taking pictures!
We rode in wagon pulled by an antique tractor around the perimeter of the fields. Here's the view from the top, looking down the rainbow to the ocean.
All the gorgeous colors!
They also had a greenhouse of exquisite poinsettias. This picture reminds me of the old "Frosty the Snowman" movie, where Frosty begins melting in the greenhouse.
This variety boasted the brightest pink I've ever seen in a plant.
So vibrant!
We also visited the orchid greenhouse.Imagine the scent in the 'sweet pea maze'! I was in my happy place!
The children's playground is called Santa's Village. I think that this polka-dotty mushroom is too cute!
So I decided to buy some "shroomy"s at the amazing Armstrong Nursery (you know, the one you must walk through to exit the flower fields).
All in all, it was a wonderful day. Sadly, the ranunculus are about done blooming, but I would highly recommend visiting the flower fields next spring. And be sure to take your mom (or your daughter or your friend) with you.

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Liz said...

Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous photos! Do you know when the best time to visit is considered to be - I want to go next year! Liz