Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of the Season

Submitted by Michelle

For most of America, the start of the summer season is just beginning. Backyard gardeners are busy planning their summer gardens, (I think this one is particularly cute) and preparing for barbecues galore.  But for me and my fellow desert dwellers, we are about to begin what my cousin Kathy calls, "the weather that makes me want to shoot myself."  Kathy was referring to the rainy weather in New York City; I'm referring to the 100+ degree heat of June, July and August in La Quinta.  With the hot weather also comes the end of our seasonal Farmer's Market.  I wandered over today to see what I could find.  
I thought the star shaped pattypan squash were interesting looking and I liked the stripes on the green zucchini.  I can't ever pass up an eggplant, and the grape tomatoes were a must for salads and snacking.  In an effort to whittle the waistline, I've been eating on the light side lately, so these veggies will fit right in with my weekly menus.  

Today is our final Farmer's Market until September; however, one of the farmers told me that I can still get my organic fix during the summer!  The market is moving to an indoor location in Palm Springs that is equipped with plenty of parking and powerful air-conditioning. Summer seems less bleak with that good news.

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kate wallace said...

The squash are so cute!