Monday, May 28, 2012

Boysenberry Picking, but not Knott's!

Submitted by Linda
On Saturday we were invited to go to my friend and former student Grace's house to pick boysenberries. She's one of those kids that hopefully I will be connected to for many years to come. We don't just have a kindergarten connection though,as her dad works with Craig, and their family attends the same church we do.

Grace and her family hadn't picked berries for several days, so there would be plenty when we came!
So, Grace's father grew up in Buena Park, right near Knott's Berry farm. Apparently, these berry vines come from the same stock as the real Knott's berry vines. Not surprising, as they were plump and sweet!

Look at these pretty berries!
At one point, I found Grace in a tree!
Later that night, we washed them up, added a few strawberries from my farm box, tossed them with a bit of sugar, and served them over vanilla bean ice cream! DELICIOUS!
Hopefully we'll get invited back to pick a few more berries one day. In the meantime, I'm hoarding the last few for a late night treat.

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