Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clovis 2012 Purchases: Postcards,Lace and....a Weathervane!

Submitted by Linda
Please forgive me for blathering on and on about my adventures in antiquing. This is my final Clovis post, I promise!

I picked up two sweet postcards to hang on my sideboard in January. I like to have something seasonal to hang there, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over. I love the bright colors and the gold on this one.
I positively adore these little people, one for each month of the year. They remind me of my kindergarten friends.
This lace was a steal at 4 yards for $3. It's gorgeous, and will happily be chopped in pieces to adorn handmade cards.
I'm a sucker for clever packaging. One vendor had the items pictured below all prettily packaged in what else, but a cellophane bag. The flavor of the hankie, lace, old millinery flowers and embroidery floss caught me immediately. My plan is to use these for card making as well.
And finally......a weather vane. You may remember this picture from last April, when I did a makeover in my kitchen. The boys' first grade artwork to the right of the window had to find a new home in my craft room, and I filled in the blank with an inexpensive rooster print from Kirkland's Home. But my dream was to find a real weather vane, used and worn.
Ta Da! This picture isn't too swell, because the weather vane is laying on my glass patio table, where you can see the table frame below. However, look how weathered it is. The N for North is already missing, so it will lay flat against the wall, with South popping out.
I've asked Craig to deal with the yucky tarry stuff at the bottom, and the extra brace that will need to be removed. It fits perfectly in the space, and I'll post a picture when it's mounted and ready!

The funny part of the story, is that I didn't immediately grab it when I found it. I decided to think about it as I continued shopping in the large building of booths. When I was ready to check out, I decided to get it, as the price was ok, and I hadn't seen one anywhere else. When I went back to the booth, three ladies were holding it and looking at it! I casually 'shopped' near them, til they set it back down, at which point I immediately snatched it up!

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