Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clovis 2012 Purchases: Linens

Submitted by Linda
I for one think one can never have too many linens, specifically tablecloths. (My husband may dare to disagree, yet even he knows that we always use tablecloths for gatherings, even for an outdoor bbq). For me, nothing says "I expected you to come!" like a nicely set table (or a paper plate on a cute checked tablecloth!)

I have several red checked tablecloths, which I use throughout most seasons, and very often throughout the summer. I always seem to run short, when I need to cover a serving table, a drink station, and seating for guests.

One of my first purchases in Clovis was this blue checked tablecloth. It is in perfect condition, and belonged to the shopkeeper's aunt. I think the blue will make a nice addition to my red ones! And, it was cheaper than a new tablecloth would be.
This next item is one of my favorite purchases of the day. I actually found this gem at the Central Park Antique Mall in Bakersfield, of all places. This small tablecloth, which fits so sweetly on my table over the red check, was only $7.50!
The cool thing about embroidery these days, is that it is very hip, with cute new patterns and projects. On the other hand, I never see patterns for sweet 'old school' motifs like this one has. And notice the red crocheting on the edge!

Because each girl is SSC, I'm going to show you each image.
Girl #1: Ironing - please notice her cute shoes.
Girl #2: Baking - Don't we adore those hair ribbons?
Girl #3: Back view of hanging clothes on the line - good thing she has her flats on!
Girl #4: Dusting - She's getting serious with her head scarf on!
Girl #5:The seamstress- I love the box of spilled pins on the floor.
Girl #6: Biking - Finally, she gets to have some fun!
I positively adore this tablecloth, and oh, if it could talk. I'd love to know who stitched it and when. For now, it will live at my house!


Liz said...

Love the table cloths - especially "the girls" ...have my new tablecloth on the table for Easter weekend too!

kate wallace said...

That table cloth looks so good on top of the red one!!