Friday, April 6, 2012

Clovis 2012 Purchases: China and Glassware

Submitted by Linda
Less than a year ago, I came across a complete set of Royal Albert Petit Point china whilst in Victoria, B.C. on vacation. The minute I saw it, I knew I would begin collecting. I found a few affordable pieces on ebay, then found some last fall when I was in Clovis. This past trip, lookie what I got! Most of it was purchased as a bundle, for $30! The darling covered butter server is shown for at least $40 on ebay. Don't you love it when you find a deal?
One of the bonus items in that lot was this 'mug'. It's a bit larger than a teacup, and now will be my favorite 'weekend' tea-mug. Since during the week I take a travel mug to school, my weekend mornings with my china mug is one of my favorite simple pleasures.
I also have plans, thanks to the inspiration of my friend Liz, to transcribe this pattern into counted cross stitch, so that I can create matching napkins for the tea party I will one day host. I even found some antique linen napkins that I purchased for that purpose. The design can be transcribed by hand, or one can use a free site that will translate any image into a cross stitch pattern. Don't we love technology?

Another item I was shopping for this weekend, was a small vase. I have quite a few vases, but they are either medium or large in size, or they are clear glass. Don't get me wrong, a pretty clear glass vase has its place, but sometimes I get irritated by the mucky water as a day or two passes.

Also, I kept remembering Susan Branch's Post about vases and flowers. YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK AND READ IT! Her post is so charming, as are her vases. I 'borrowed' this picture from the post of her vase cabinet:
(Picture from Susan Branch)
Now, I certainly don't need that many vases, but it is nice to have the perfect one when you need it.

My first find was this Gumps vase. Gumps is a San Francisco landmark, and they are still famous for wedding registries and window displays. This vase is proudly displaying my first rose of spring and the first sweet peas - the best smell ever!
Next, a white Fenton vase. Charming, right?
A chubby milk glass vessel rounds out the collection.
Or so I thought. I found this hand painted charmer in the rain, and bought it from a desperate street vendor who was going out of business.
I have some of my vases in the linen closet, and some under my kitchen sink. My plan is to put them all together like Susan does (mostly so I can admire them every time I open the cabinet). But just for fun, I plopped 3 of them in my sideboard cupboard just to adore them all smooshed together, waiting for their turn.
Now I can have fresh flowers in any nook or corner of my home!

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kate wallace said...

I LOVE your tea cups! I love tea cups and you are inspiring me to collect more cute tea cups :) I want to be just like my aunt!