Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teacher Gift: Classroom Goody Box

Submitted by Linda
I like to think of myself as computer-savvy. On the continuum of savvy-ness, I am certainly moving forward, since I can use facebook, blogspot, a document camera at school, an ipod, a mac, etc. Yet technology seems to move faster than I can.

Case in point, Pinterest. I have an account (I think I've pinned about 7 things), but for some reason, I find it hard to navigate so I don't log in very often. I love the idea of an online bulletin board, so I guess I need to get it figured out soon. In the meantime, I 'kick it old school' by yanking pictures out of magazines. Like this one:
Photo from Family Fun Magazine, June/July 2011
I saved this one, just in case I ever needed a cute gift for a student teacher or a new staff member. Well, one of my longtime colleagues is on medical leave, so we hired a long-term substitute, who is a brand new teacher. So I went to Michaels, got a bead box with removable dividers and decorated the top like this:
Then I went to Staples to find cute tiny things to squeeze into each section. The glossy "to do" clothespins are from Michaels' dollar spot. I think they are super cute, and I'm so glad that they fit in the box!
It's possible that the most crucial items in the box are the chocolate and Jolly Ranchers. I didn't even think about adding some Advil, but that may have also been a good idea.

This was an inexpensive project, and so fun to put together. This year, Day of the Teacher is on May 8, 2012. This would be a perfect job for elementary-age kids to help with.

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