Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stitching Update

It's been about a year since my mom gifted me with a set of flour sack dish towels that were hand embroidered. Since then, she and I have been maniacs about stitching together. You may remember that I made the Bless Our Home design from the set of 3 patterns shown below:
This photo is courtesy of Bird Brain Designs.
My friend and teaching partner Debbie used to sell Creative Circle stitchery products (a direct sales/home party business from the 80s). She had held on to some beautiful trays that had an oval shape in the middle for a stitchery to be inserted into, and offered me one when she heard I was doing embroidery.

I dug out my Bless Our Home pattern, and found one that fit. The pattern shows the design embroidered in blackwork, but I couldn't resist using colors.
I positively adore the sheep with the heart on it's backside! Here's the finished product inserted into the tray.
I just had to set a tea cup on it to see how it would actually work - cute and functional!
Now that this is done, I'm back to working on flour sack towels and a table runner!

Thanks for looking!

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Danice said...

I love this post, Linda! I grew up watching my mom work on her latest embroidery project, and this post has made me want to pick up my own project someday soon :) Thanks for sharing!!!