Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade Butter Chicken and Naan

Submitted by Linda
You may remember that my Tommy was in South Africa for his Fall 2011 APU semester. Here is just one happy picture of his time there.
While he was there, he and his classmates went out for Indian food a lot. He came home raving about "Butter chicken and homemade naan (flatbread)". His friend Michelle, who happens to be Indian, figured out how to make it, and since then, it has become a favorite with Tommy and his cronies. I invited Tommy to bring Michelle over for us to cook it together, so when they came, I put on my special apron:Michelle and Tommy started by getting the chicken marinated and then cooking. The sauce includes butter (of course), heavy cream, pureed tomatoes, and a secret spice packet (that can be purchased at an Indian food store). I would describe it as a curry-type dish.Next up, the dough for the naan. I thought that red bowl was big enough, but Tommy's big hands fill it up! He's mixing yeast, egg, flour, sugar, and salt to make the dough. His friend Michelle is on the right.After giving the dough a few minutes to rest and rise, Tommy started frying the naan, so we recruited Nick to help form the flatbread. (That's him, below on the right).
These on the edge of the bowl are ready to be fried.
The hot naan is coated with butter and topped with a ton of fresh garlic! YUM!
Here's our meal, plated up with the butter chicken atop a pile of white rice.
We had 6 around the table that night, and everyone enjoyed the meal! After the dishes were done, Tommy and Michelle wisked away the leftovers to share with the roomies.

Tommy's trip was a great experience in so many ways (just ask him). It was a bonus that he got some culinary skills out of it too!

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kate wallace said...

That sounds like such a fun time! I am so glad that Tommy loved SA so much!