Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Submitted by Linda
In my job I get to meet the neatest people, and I'm not just talking about my kindergarten friends. Each fall I look forward to the connections I will make with kids and families, and often, we form lasting friendships.

My K-friend Sophia's brother played Little League with my boys, so I already knew her family. What I didn't know, is that her mom, Pam, is a rock star in the baking department. She has consistently provided goodies and snacks throughout this year of kindergarten. She asked if I had plans for Dr. Seuss' birthday (in terms of food), and I didn't. In past years, we had done 'green eggs and ham', or other fun food items, but this past week had been a little crazy with transitions at my school site. Pam said she'd bring something......and take a look at this cupcake!
Forgive my picture quality. I snapped it with my old 'Envy' phone.
I'm sure you can tell that it's the Cat's Hat made out of marshmallows, with a cute ring!! Here they are in their box. Pam even has the neato boxes with holes for each cupcake! That blue frosting was WHIP CREAM! Yum!
The kids were delighted, and so was I!

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