Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Blessings!

Submitted by Linda
I had a great birthday yesterday. I can be a bit 'weird' (maybe 'controlling' is a better word) about having my birthday on a school day, because I like it to go by unnoticed, and my kindergarten friends would really rather celebrate it. This year, I found a happy medium with my very flexible and cooperative room mom, who approached me before my birthday, and then agreed not bring in a giant celebration, but instead asked the kids to bring in a homemade card instead. I got too many sweet cards to post, so I'll just share a few. As a teacher, I was impressed with how much their writing has improved since we started school.
This one from Elijah is so cute because he glittered up his 'star words' (sight words).
This one from Ashley is sweet also. Kindergartners share their love so generously!
In my class, when students have a birthday, they get a (store bought) paper crown that declares it their birthday. Two special girls got busy before my birthday, and asked to measure my head. This was the result! I love, love, love the inventive spelling on the front which does spell "Happy Birthday" in my world.
I was also gifted with some gorgeous roses and 'stamping bucks' for StampYourHeartOut, one of my favorite places in Claremont. I always say I'm blessed to have a job I love, a block from my home. I'm especially thankful when I'm showered with gifts!

When I got home from school, this beauty was on my doorstep, complete with the greeting penned onto the pot. It was from a former student, who's family also happens to attend my church. So thoughtful!Later in the evening, when I got home, I found this egg carton on my front doorstep.
Not a typical birthday treat, right? But when I opened up the carton.....gorgeous eggs from a friend who has chickens. See the big speckled one? She says that's a 'double yolker' and it means 'good luck'! You'll notice some of them are blown out. It's a long story, but a while back I asked to trade her some of my stamped cards for some of her eggs for my Easter and Spring decorating. How fun that we also get to eat the eggs.
Earlier this week, I happened to be at my friend Carla's (read about her HERE) when she mentioned that she had something for me. Months (or maybe even years) ago, I had spied a Mary Englebreit pitcher in her greenhouse window, and I had joked with her about putting my name on it, for the sad day when her heirlooms were dispersed to her family. Little did I know, she really put my name on it!Isn't it so stinkin' cute? And so dear of her to share it with me. Her words were, "I've enjoyed it for awhile and now you get to enjoy it!"
I was even lucky enough to gather the big boys around the table for a birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant!
All in all, it was a wonderful birthday! And just to give a teaser for tomorrow's post.....look at this totally adorable covered bucket my mom made for me! More details and lots of pics tomorrow!

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kate wallace said...

It sounds like it was an amazing day! I miss you and wish I could have seen you! Happy birthday Aunt Linda!