Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful Birthday Bucket!

Submitted by Linda
As an appreciator of any handmade gift, what could make me any happier than receiving a regular, boring bucket covered with cute coordinating fabrics and embroidered flowers? Not much! My mom (who had been embroidering on the sly) created this for me. I called her the morning after my birthday to tell her it was one of my all time favorite gifts (she didn't believe me, but it's true!) Take a look at this:
The pattern came from Crab Apple Hill. Check out their website here and their "knot-y" girls blog here!

Now for a view of the inside. The bottom is gathered with a ribbon drawstring, and the inner layer (striped fabric) boasts big pockets, large enough to hold a Starbucks cold cup. The yellow fabric has smaller pockets, just the right size for pens, and scissors and other crafty stuff.
Look at this side view. I adore the contrasting piping, and the ruffly handle cover. And the embroidery!
Now for more details. I accidentally saw these yellow buttons while I was at my mom's one day. Little did I know! Notice how the embroidery attaches the ribbon at the bottom.
Here's a close up of a portion of the embroidery....
..and another. It's so cute embroidered on a printed fabric.
I heard (from my dad, actually) that it was certainly a labor of love. The completed cover didn't originally fit the bucket, so my mom had to tear it apart and revamp it. Often when my mom and I make things, we tend to make them over and over because they're so cute. Not this time. I was informed that this is a 'one and only'. So don't ask me if I can hook you up!

I am not sure how I'll use it yet - maybe to take my supplies to stamp club each month. It will certainly have a place of honor in my craft room.

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Flowers said...

This bucket is gorgeous! I would be thrilled if my mum made me something like this for my birthday! You are so lucky to have such a crafty mummy!