Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine 'Debrief'

Submitted by Linda (finally)
When Michelle and I started our blog in 2008, we had a desire to be 'real women', sharing our various projects and escapades with our friends, and our friends on the blogosphere. Part of being 'real women' is jobs, families, higher education, and other important things that can sometimes interfere with all the blogging fun we usually have. We were (and are) hoping that part of the appeal of Front Row Friends is that we don't have assistants or's just us. I say all of that to apologize for being MIA for a while. Michelle has been the all-star student in her master's program, and I have had a couple of ultra-busy weeks at school. Nevertheless, I'm back.....with a Valentine post. (Please resist the urge to remind me that March is coming this next week!)

In our friendship, we often call each other for a 'debrief' (aka chat, discussion, catching up, girl talk). When we stay over at each others homes, in the evening we often get our faces washed, get our P.J.s on, and have a 'debrief' (like the old days when we lived in the dorms). So here's a little debrief about some of the ultra-creative gifts I received on Valentine's Day. They are too cute not to share!

This cute handmade box slides out of the cover and is filled with Hershey's Nuggets, which spell "Valentine". This says "a ton of work" to me!
And how about this Hershey Kiss card?
Here's another one! Look at this darling 'cupcake'...'s a closer look out of the cello bag...
Voila! Fuzzy Sockies! How do people think this stuff up? And then find the perfect socks?
So fun! Now, onto another topic. You may be wondering if I actually made a valentine for Craig. I think if I didn't, it would be sort of like the legend of the cobbler's kids who had no shoes, or the teacher's kids who can't read. I don't really have any funny-sexy-valentine stamps, so I stick with Love and save the funny-sexy stuff for the handwritten message inside. I also think it would be terrible to spend $4 on a store bought card, when I could do this instead:
I used Linda's Classic Card style and tried to make it a bit masculine by adding the Square Lattice embossing. I like the simplicity of the message, from the Lighthearted stamp set. You may recognize the cute ribbon from this post.

OK, so now we're caught up with the valentines stuff, and we're ready for March to come in like a lion next week!


Carrie said...

Linda, where did you get all those neat Valentine gifts? Love them!

kate wallace said...

Those are such great ideas! You and Michelle are so cute!