Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Sisterly Affection": Valentine's Day

Submitted by Linda
I've been half-joking lately about restoring Valentine's Day to it's former sweetness as a holiday for friendship and affection, rather than just romantic love. Susan Branch put my thoughts into her words and I couldn't have said it better:

"Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, in all forms, kid-to-grandma, mom-to-dad, sister-to-sister, of course BFF-to-BFF; between co-workers too! This is the easiest of all holidays on which you can make somebody's day. Valentine's Day really has nothing to do with romantic love, it's just heart-to-heart with whomever you care for. Remember when we were in grammar school, and we sent Valentines to all our classmates? It had nothing to do with romantic love . . . it was about sweetness and light with a nice big hunk of charm thrown in."

Don't get me wrong - I love sweet thoughtful gifts from Craig on Valentine's Day, or even just a card with some nice thoughts written in it. Yet, I think we women sometimes have incredibly high expectations, and our men sometimes don't 'make it perfect' for us, because they don't know about the high expectations, or they aren't wired to do clever valentiny things. I've learned through my almost 25 years of marriage, that I appreciate my man doing dishes as much as any trinket or bauble. This doesn't mean the guys are off the hook for Valentine's Day.

But our girl friends are often wired to do cute valentiny things, so I say, why not? Like Susan says, "This is the easiest of holidays on which you can make somebody's day".

For my boys at college, I made our family's 'signature' sugar cookies. In the card making department, I made this card:
No, I didn't think it up all by myself! I went to Splitcoaststampers, where you can look at samples people have submitted for a specific stamp set. I perused all the ideas, then combined them to make this cutie. I think that stamping the dress on printed paper is genuis - I wish I had thought of it! The cute cute ribbon is from Collective Journey in Redlands. Here's a glimpse of what we saw on that visit:
Even in Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie Bennett mentions "sisterly affection" whilst in a dinner-table conversation (or should we say interrogation?) with Lady de Bourgh. This past week, I sent Michelle a valentine, and I thought I was so clever to mention "sisterly affection". When she got her mail, she connected the dots immediately! (I guess that's why we like to think of each other as the sisters we never had, with both of us growing up with brothers only).

So, consider this a reminder to make someone's day on Tuesday!


Susan Branch said...

Well I'll sure comment on this one -- LOVE it! Love your card too, love that you're spreading the good "make someone's day" word! xoxo Happy Valentine's Day!

kate wallace said...

I completely agree! Valentines Day is a great excuse to send your besties a little note of encouragement. I love sending cards on Valentines Day! I also agree that it puts a little too much pressure on our men to do commercially things. I love the card you made! SO cute!