Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tissue Drawer

Submitted by Linda
You will not catch me complaining about my husband. Craig is known far and wide for his work ethic, and his ability to work harder and faster then men half his age. And there isn't much he can't fix. The only thing is, (notice I didn't say 'problem'), is that he really likes big jobs. He enjoys getting a crew together to roof or paint a house. He enjoys maintaining much of the 4 acres of church property. He enjoys fixing someone's plumbing. What he doesn't enjoy are my many little projects, like installing one broken hook at school, or repairing an easel, or hanging curtain rods. Enter my dad, Norm.
This picture of me and my dad was taken at California Adventure in May, 2010.
My dad is retired, and he also can fix anything. He seems to enjoy the little jobs, as he is always figuring something out for my mom, rewiring something, or repairing something that is broken. So I always have a list of jobs for my dad. You can count on him 'measuring twice, cutting once', and he'll always arrive with my mom as his sidekick, because someone has to hold the flashlight or hand him the tools.He always shows up with a caddy full of assorted tools.

Well, this past fall I was wrapping a gift, when I had a little meltdown in the cabinet where I store the giftwrap, tissue, giftbags, and so on. My giant pile of tissue (from Costco) was on top of the gift bags, which was on top of the gift boxes, and it was a mess each time I needed to wrap a gift. Right then, I said to myself, "Why don't I have a tissue drawer like they have at Crate and Barrel or Coldwater Creek?" When I make a purchase, they pull out the drawer with ease, and voila! Tissue paper! I immediately went into my craft room and began scheming. Look at the space under the two drawers of the built in desk.........maybe an additional drawer could fit there?
So I talked to my dad, and said that all I want for Christmas is a tissue drawer. He agreed, and several weeks later, lookie what I got! A tissue drawer!
While I was wrapping my Christmas gifts, I had my tissue, ready to go!I got the cute knobs at Hobby Lobby, where knobs are always on sale.
I don't have any to-do jobs on my dad's list currently, but he does such nice work, I'm sure I'll find something soon.

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Liz said...

What a great idea! Yea Dad!