Monday, January 23, 2012

A "Must Do": NOS (Notebook of Stamps)

Submitted by Linda
In kindergarten we talk about the 'must do's and the 'may do's, and the saying has trickled into our personal lives. If you are any kind of stamper, and have any amount of stamps, this notebook is a "must do".

This N.O.S, or Notebook of Stamps, is simply a photocopy or a stamped image of all the stamp sets I own. Lately every time I sit down to create something, I look in the book (usually several times) to find the right words, or an image that fits into a certain space.

For my notebook, I grabbed an old notebook, some random dividers, and got started. You'll notice I even have 2 different sets of dividers. Don't worry about making it perfect....just get it done!
Inside, I have xeroxed the front of the stamp boxes or the actual stamps (just lay the set on your home copier/scanner). Then I quickly cut and pasted the copies onto white cardstock. I also include the year I got it, and sometimes make other notes about which stamps I've used out of a set.
For all of my "handstamped by.." stamps, I simply stamped them all onto white cardstock.
I have found my NOS to be so helpful, that I began nagging Michelle to make her own. Hers is just as functional as mine, but much prettier. Her spine is labelled.....
...her labels are printed and fancy....
...and her copies are all nicely aligned on the page.
Here's a great view of the notebook opened up!
Whether you throw it together with what you have, or create an upgraded version like Michelle's, you'll be glad you did.

Next, my plan is to add some pages with a punched shape from each of my punches and die cuts. Stay tuned!

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