Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Bright and Happy New Year!

Submitted by Linda
Do y'all know that when the ink is a different color, you can click it to see the related post? I went a little nuts this time on linking you to other posts. Read on, and you'll see what I mean.
I will admit that I usually feel a little blue after Christmas. Because I really do like the decorating, wrapping, baking, gifting, and so on, I feel a little let down when it's all over. As much as I love decorating my home for Christmas, I hate putting it away after the holidays. You know what I'm talking about: everything's a giant mess, boxes and dust everywhere, and suddenly your whole house is in desperate need of a deep-clean.

I will admit though, that when it's done, I like the de-cluttered fresh look. Yet, something seems missing. That's when I decorate the ledge on my sideboard. These truly vintage 'New Years' postcards are another find from my Clovis adventure.
My sideboard ALWAYS has twinkle lights on it, year round, and then I try to add something seasonal. These postcards are the perfect antidote to my 'de-Christmased' house.
I love the pastoral scene on this next one, and the subtle holly sprigs in the background.This next one is one of my favorites. I love the "Right Hearty Greeting" and the ivy.
And it has delicious, old-time writing on the back. It was sent to Sonora, CA from New York in December of 1913 with a one-cent stamp!
See, I feel better already.

Now about those links I mentioned at the top of the post. If you care to see my sideboard decorations during other seasons, here you go.
Christmas Version
Summer and September versions
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kate wallace said...

I love that idea of decorating for the new year! That certainly would decrease the sadness of Christmas being over!