Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tin-O-Tags Completed

Submitted by Michelle
This picture was taken at Linda's house about 5 months ago. It was summer vacation and we were happily working on our annual Christmas project, the Tin-O-Tags! Linda's dad Norman has a saying, "Plan your work and then work your plan!" This year of 2011, Linda and I took Norman's advice and created a To-Do List of crafting projects that we wanted to accomplish. We figured if we were going to be mass producing 100 Tin-O-Tags and over 200 Christmas cards, we'd better start early. From January until May we worked hard at coming up with tag designs and then creating 100 of each! You can see all the tags here.

In August we got together and put all the tags into the tins and designed a decorative embellishment for the outside. Here is Linda loading up the tins.
Tags galore!
Almost done...sort of.
We used shimmery white cardstock for the outside of the tin. With the help of the Big Shot, we cut out a topnote design and then debossed it with snowflakes. Linda had some tiny silver snowflakes that she purchased a few years back at Crate and Barrel that were the perfect addition to our label.
We added a tag that says, "Holiday Hello from me to you,"
and tied them up with a big, red bow.
I am currently recovering from foot surgery and I can't tell you how happy it makes me having 2 big boxes of our tin-o-tags ready to give away.
Today I packaged up all the ones that need to be mailed and my sweet husband took them to the post office for me. Now all I have to do is hand deliver the local ones and I'll be all done. My friends and colleagues often marvel at all the crafting I accomplish and I must admit I would never get it all done if I left it to the last minute. Thank goodness Linda and I planned our work and worked our plan early in the year.

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