Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reindeer Cake-Pops

Submitted by Linda
In kindergarten we do a lot of celebrating. We take advantage of every birthday and holiday that comes our way. In the spirit of math, we also celebrate every 10th day of school, when a zero appears in our number line, by enjoying a zero-shaped treat (round, of course). Our "Top Banana" (special kid of the week) is invited to bring the treat, and it can be as simple as one penny or one m&m per child.

My friend Ryleigh was Top Banana this past week, and her mom was my K-Team teaching partner when I first began teaching kindergarten. She asked if she could provide Reindeer Cake Pops....and look how cute they turned out!
I got a chuckle out of those faces, each time I passed by the basket that day! When it was time to share, they were easy to pass out, and they were sturdy enough for a small kiddo to hold and eat. They eyeballs seemed complicated, but it turns out that they can be purchased in the baking section of Target. Here's a close-up of the faces:
The cake inside was a yellow cake, and it was amazing- the perfect bite of yumminess!

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