Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A "New" Old Tablecloth

Submitted by Linda
You who have been to my home, or who have followed our blog know that I love all things vintage and antique. Couple that appreciation for old stuff with a love of linens/textiles, and you'll find a girl who has a 'few' tablecloths. Remember this retro fall tablecloth?
And this Christmas one? Both of these 'new but meant to look old' beauties were found at our beloved Barbara Cheatley's in the Claremont village.
Well, thanks to my dear FRF Liz, I now have a truly vintage Christmas tablecloth!!! Isn't the design with ribbons and holly so festive over the red check? And the candy canes!!!!!
I love how the inner design makes the perfect border for my tray of antique ornaments!
Here's one last parting shot of my December baubles, as soon they will be tucked away, to be happily rediscovered in December 2012.

1 comment:

Liz said...

The tablecloth looks beautiful on your table...and with the tray in the center to0! So glad you like it!