Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gift

Submitted by Michelle
Nothin' says I love you like a handmade gift. That's what Linda and I always say. And I've hit the motherlode this time! Today I'm at Linda's house doing some end of the year crafting, and we had our Front Row Friends Christmas gift exchange. Linda gave me a pile of presies, but my favorite one is this pin cushion.
It is hand embroidered and is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!
(The picture below shows the pincushion with the pieces assembled and the embroidery completed.)
In October Linda went to Clovis for an antique street fair and she got the idea for the pin cushion at Quilter's Paradise, the mother of all quilting stores. Knowing that I was in need of a place to put my pins, she purchased the pattern and enlisted the help of JoAnn, her mother, in a top secret stitching project. For weeks Linda would drop hints saying, "I'm headed over to my mom's house to work on a top secret project," or "Someone is going to be very excited when she opens up her Christmas packages this year!"
Each section of the cushion has intricate details.
Check out the blanket stitch with french knots along the seam by the cupcakes!
Linda even added a unique touch on the back -- a tag to personalize the gift!

Needless to say, I am thrilled with my present, and so grateful that Linda would take the time to make me such a special gift. When I go home tomorrow, I will have to find a place of honor in my craft room for my new pin cushion.


The Random Mommy said...

That is cute!!!!

Cara said...

So glad you love the gift - I was so wowed and impressed with the details when I caught a sneak peak earlier this fall. What a treasure!