Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gina's Banner

Submitted by Linda
One of the blessings about living and working in a 2 mile radius is making connections with people at my school, church and neighborhood. Pictured below is my kindergarten friend Sophia, who also attends my church, and whose father works at APU. (Actually she is now a first grader!)
Sophia's mom, Gina, didn't really have any hobbies, so to speak, until I convinced her to join our monthly stamp club. Now she has taken over her kids' craft table, and has truly become a paper-crafter. At our club, Gina is often the one who will ask to learn a new technique or try something new. Gina is involved in our church's women's ministries team, and decided to make a banner for each lady involved in the Bible study. That's over 100 banners!

I have been known to make 100 of something now and again, but usually I have a teammate (Michelle), or it is a simple project. Just look at this banner:
It is just too cute, with lots of layers and detail. And imagine this multiplied by 100! I just have to show you the close-ups: Notice the embossed stocking on the "J"...
...three punched stars on the "o".....
...a clothespin clipping a cute scalloped oval greeting...
..and all these layers!
She even folded this scallop by hand, 100 times. Uh-May-Zing!
Not only did she make them, but she gave them to each gal in a 'brown bag turned into a purse'.
Everyone was thrilled with their gift! And I'm so impressed by Gina's creativity and generosity. I think it's safe to say Gina now has a hobby!

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