Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Circle Wreath

Submitted by Linda
You already know that I enjoy my Christmas issues of magazines, and that I like to look for new ideas, even though I usually stick with my old favorite decorations. I didn't think about this wreath too much when I saw it on the cover of the December issue of Family Circle.
When I got to the 'how-to' page, I realized that they used felted balls of wool and fake holly with a real wreath. This year, I knew that I was going to receive a fresh wreath early in December, so I got my supplies ready for the upgrade! I used wired floral picks to wire 2 holly leaves together.
As for the cool felted balls, I knew that I wouldn't be able to order them online and get them in time, so I settled for old school pom poms in two different shades of red. Each of these were glued onto a toothpick.
Here's a close-up of the holly pick, tucked into the wreath with the pom pom.The wreath arrived and looked pretty, even undecorated (though I really dislike that stiff velvety ribbon. Does that make me a ribbon snob? I hope not!) So here's the "before" picture.......and the after!
I only used 14 of my package of 50 floral picks....let me know if you are making a wreath and you need some!

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