Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elfin Trees

Submitted by Michelle
It's Christmas Eve Day and I'm still recovering from foot surgery, so sitting around with my foot propped up whilst listening to Christmas music and surfing the internet seems to be the order of the day. I have to admit, all this rest and relaxation is getting on my nerves. I'm a go-getter who is usually up and about, so being still doesn't really come naturally to me. And, being cooped up at home can be a bit depressing. Fortunately for me, I have crafty friends!
Late this morning, as I was sitting in bed with the doggies and a crafting magazine, the doorbell rang. The postman was dropping off a package from my friend Sheryl who lives in Oregon. Inside I found the cutest, felted elf hats! Or Christmas trees! (It depends on how you look at them.) I often say that Sheryl is the smartest person I know (she really is) and I'm sure she thought up the idea for these holiday decorations all on her own. I guess that also makes her one of the most creative people I know, too. The big set is for me, and the small set is for Celeste.
These whimsical, handmade gems are the perfect addition to my holiday decor and I will cherish them almost as much as I cherish thoughtful friends like Sheryl.

Christmas is almost here, and my hope is that your lives are full with family and friends who bring you love and happiness all year long.

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