Saturday, December 3, 2011

But I don't have a cute vintage truck......

Submitted by Linda
I really try to resist the pretty Christmas magazines that are lined up in all of their glory in the grocery store checkout line. I already have plenty of Christmas decorations, and I don't need anymore craft projects, right?

Well, I ended up with Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas, because I succumbed to the call of the gorgeous cover and the "247 inspiring and easy holiday ideas"!

One idea I liked was filling an antique toy truck with little presents. The article was all about using text in your decorating (notice the pillow, rug and presents in the truck), but for me, it was all about that truck!
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas" 2011 Magazine
I began scheming to find a truck like the one pictured. My boys have trucks, but they are too small and not 'old' enough. I could try to buy one, but isn't the point to use some cool old thing that you already have?

Then, I remembered that my mom had an old John Deere toolbox, stashed away in a closet. Her father, my grandpa, was a John Deere implements dealer in Nebraska years ago. Growing up, we were taught that a proper tractor was always green. So I borrowed the toolbox, and here's a picture of the lid (the photo is actually upside down, so that you can read it!)
I love how distressed (or should I say "used") it is! Next, I raided my jewelry drawer and my gift wrap supplies for boxes, and here's how it looks!
Michelle and I always joke about needing to tweak or upgrade things, and in this case, I decided that I needed a teeny tiny "merry" banner across the top of the lid.
I found sticky letters that resemble the red and white baker's twine, added some SU brad's and bitty buttons, and topped it off with a red crocheted flower on each end.If I were to find the 'perfect' vintage truck someday, I may be tempted to buy it. But for now, I love the bright "John Deere Green" toolbox and the family connection to it!

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kate wallace said...

What a great idea for a vintage flare to Christmas! The candy cane letters are a nice touch too!