Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sunbeam Mixer

Submitted by Linda
You may remember this post (here) when I was making cinnamon-pecan rolls with my mom, using my grandma's recipe, which she received with her Sunbeam mixer years ago. Thus, my mom has always had a Sunbeam, and after many years of muddling through with a hand held mixer, I received my very own Sunbeam for Christmas last year. Isn't it so cute and retro?
It has really rocked my baking world! Making cookies or frosting with it is so magically easy, compared to my old mixer. My only problem was that it was getting dusty between uses, sitting on the counter. I asked my mom about making a cover, so she designed a pattern (by taking apart an old terry-cloth cover that she now uses for a rag). I pulled out some cloth napkins (which I never use) that match a retro tablecloth I own, and we started cutting. (When I was a kid, we would have called this recycling, but now the word is repurposing!)

We added some pre-made piping (who knew that they now have piping in the bias tape/rick rack section of the fabric store?) and voila!
Here it is, in it's happy corner, all covered and ready for it's next use!

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Anonymous said...

i have a handheld sunbeam mixmaster which i ourchased 1966. it is still goinh strong. it is the only mixer i have ever owned... a great machine. dtreat3769 a sbc