Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Great Pumpkin: Thanksgiving Tablescape

Submitted by Linda
Well, I supposed that since November is waning away, I should probably share these photos of our Thanksgiving tablescape. I did cook a few dishes, but because I wasn't hosting at my home, I offered to bring centerpieces and help set up the tables. This past weekend, I was enjoying Susan Branch's cozy discussion of her tablescape, and I noticed that Eddie Ross had an amazing one too. Mine may never end up in a magazine, but I sure had a fun time doing it, and I believe it added a 'warm and welcome' vibe to our family gathering.

My friend Diane had mentioned several years ago that she always spray paints her leftover pumpkins to incorporate into her Christmas decorating. I knew that this was something I was definitely going to try. Armed with my 40% off coupon for Michael's, I bought my paint and started spraying.
These bigger pumpkins are already sprayed and in their box, ready to transport to my sister-in-law Renee's house.
I also knew I was going to bring these blingy pumpkins that I glittered up a few years back.
And these fake acorns! They look so legit to me, I bought several packages last year.
In early October you may remember me sharing this photo of the 'Great Pumpkin' that was given to me by one of Craig's co-workers. (Remember, it was a happy miracle that grew out of a compost pile.) I loved, loved, loved the green color....
...then it turned orange.......and then I sprayed it gold! So gorgeous! I found the subtly sparkly netting stuff at the new Hobby Lobby, and I think you all should run out and get some. It comes in all kinds of colors, and makes the perfect base for any table setting. I sprinkled my acorns and pumpkins around, and voila!
Tea lights, or some type of candlelight, are always a requirement to add a soft glow.
Now the glittered pumpkins are all put away, with the acorns. The real pumpkins are sadly destined for the shooting range, except the Great Pumpkin, which I'm saving for the seeds. Because next year, I'm going to want another one. But for now, I'm dreaming of 'hauling out the holly!"


Heather Klump said...

What a stunning table! WOW! I am sure it was enjoyed by all!! Beautiful Work!! :)

Valerie said...

The inside should still be good. You could probably cut it up, steam it, peel the skin off and use the flesh for some pumpkin pies and bread! Glad you have enjoyed it all season!

kate wallace said...

I love the gold pumpkins...and the Micheal's coupons!